ANZ gets serious about agile management with new way of working

The article below showcases how more and more companies embrace Agile as their preferred Project Management and Delivery methodology. This example, relates to a leading financial institution in Australia (ANZ) and also showcases how Agile is going beyond IT.

ANZ’s adoption of the agile management technique stepped up a gear this week as it rolled out its new way of working across several floors of the bank’s Melbourne headquarters on Monday.

Employees are joining squads, tribes and guilds based around shared goals and disciplines as the bank accelerates its transformation to a leaner and more responsive company.

ANZ goes agile

Among the more visible signs of the transformation were the blue cupcakes emblazoned with ‘tribe names’ and the restyling of executive offices as ‘squad living rooms’.

The bank’s transition to the cult management theory has been enthusiastically embraced by CEO Shayne Elliott and was first flagged by The Australian Financial Review in May 2017.

The transformation project has been driven by ANZ’s managing director of products at ANZ Katherine Bray, who has surrendered her office to the project, which has been re-styled as a ‘squad living room’.

Under pressure to cut costs and reduce headcount, banks like ANZ are looking to new ways of working to increase efficiencies and slim down their workforce.

Ms Bray said the move to agile was about reducing the massive bureaucracy within the bank and introducing a new level of accountability for employees.

“We are not going agile for agile’s sake. What we are trying to do is grow our speed to market, our value proposition for customers and create a more engaging environment for employees” Ms Bray said.

Source: Financial Review


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