Mailman -Your inbox, tamed.

Mailman blocks any emails from senders you haven’t emailed with before, plus annoying newsletters, notifications, and other distractions. Once a day, we’ll send you a digest that shows all the emails Mailman blocked, and you can choose how you want each sender treated in the future, whether it’s let through […]

What is a Sprint?

A Sprint is a specific set period of time (or timebox) to deliver a set of user stories. In Agile, Sprints last between 1-4 weeks, but typically 2. Duration of Sprints should remain fixed throughout the entire life cycle of the project. Want to learn more about Agile? Read this […]

What are the different methodologies in Agile?

Agile methodologies include but are not limited to the following: Adaptive software development (ASD) Agile modeling Agile unified process (AUP) Disciplined agile delivery Dynamic systems development method (DSDM) Extreme programming (XP) Feature-driven development (FDD) Lean software development Kanban Rapid application development (RAD) Scrum Scrumban Of all Scrum is the most […]

Who is responsible for documenting user stories?

There is no hard rule in terms of who should document user stories, meaning anyone within the Agile Team can document user stories. Most Agile Teams document user stories as a Team as part of their Sprint Planning process or even before starting the project in what is referred to […]

What is Scrum?

Scrum is an Agile methodology and the most popular and widely used of all Agile methodologies. In a nutshell, Scrum is an iterative and time-boxed approach to deliver projects whilst continuously improving and delivering value to the customer or end user. You can learn more about it in this Best […]

Where can I get Agile Certified?

We recommend this course to get Agile Certified: Agile Crash Course: Agile Project Management; Agile Delivery, but you can also find more options here. Want to learn more about Agile? Read this EBOOK, listen to this AUDIOBOOK or enroll in this COURSE

What is The Agile Knowledge Base?

AgileKB is the world’s largest Agile Knowledge Base, covering everything about Agile, Agile Project Management & Agile Delivery. It’s also an Online Agile Community and Agile space where Agilelists can share Agile tools, tips and best practices and can also discuss Agile topics, ideas and challenges. Want to learn more […]