Do I have to stick to the book? e.g. Do I really need to meet with my team daily for 15 mins (the “Stand-Up”)?

Nobody can force you. That is entirely up to you. Agile as a methodology encourages you to do so, and that’s the theory. But let’s take this to the real world. We all know that practice varies from theory. Say for example you are working on 10 projects at the same time. Yes, it happens. If you were meeting 15 mins daily for each project that means you would be spending 150 minutes of your day just in stand-ups which would be completely inefficient and unproductive. So you might need to turn your daily stand-up to a “weekly” stand up for some of those 10 projects. Yes, I know this is not ideal or what theory dictates. But we have to adapt. We have to be flexible, the Agile way. Another option would be to talk to your Manager so you can only focus on a few/major priorities.

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