What are some of your favorite Agile and Scrum techniques and tools?

  • The Agile Kanban Board. It’s a simple, yet extremely powerful concept/tool which allows you to see what the Team is planning to work on, what they’re working on and what they have completed. So in a very simple way, it allows you to track status, progress and even workload. You can setup an Agile Kanban Board both physically with post-its or digitally with tools such as Jira or Trello.
  • Daily Stand Ups. This Agile Ritual which directs the Team to meet daily for about 15 mins (or less), allows the Team to remain in sync at all times, help each other and remain focus on execution. It’s specially incredibly valuable when you’re pressed with tight time frames and complex deliverables.
  • Retrospectives. Think of this as “Lessons Learned.” It’s one of my favorite Agile Rituals because it encourages the Team to constantly reflect for improvement and learn from past mistakes or issues. So the Team starts to develop a culture and mindset of Kaizen (Continuous Improvement).

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