Mailman -Your inbox, tamed.

Mailman blocks any emails from senders you haven’t emailed with before, plus annoying newsletters, notifications, and other distractions. Once a day, we’ll send you a digest that shows all the emails Mailman blocked, and you can choose how you want each sender treated in the future, whether it’s let through immediately or automatically block.

The emails never leave your inbox. When Mailman is managing your inbox, it simply keeps redirecting all new incoming mails to a hidden folder. And on your set schedule, it moves the emails from the hidden folder to the primary Inbox folder.

Mailman doesn’t change or modify any of the current emails in your inbox. Mailman only works on the future incoming emails

Mailman does not read the body of your emails. Mailman only reads the timestamp, sender’s email address, and the subject lines of your incoming emails to assist you in managing your inbox productively.

All payments on Mailman are handled by Stripe. Your payment information never touches our servers; they directly are sent to the Stripe servers.