VR in education is promising, but expensive

It’s your first day at a new job, and you’re stuck going to corporate training. But instead of going to a training room and listening to the HR director drone on about the vacation policy, you’re directed to the IT desk. You’re greeted there by a friendly college intern. “Welcome to […]

The tangled mess of marketing networks is crumbling

In the past decades, five big networks of marketing and media agencies have achieved phenomenal size with a strategy of achieving growth, innovation, and relevance through a series of mergers and acquisitions. This model is now quickly running out of road. Instead, an uber-fragmented network of creatives and developers is […]

Zuckerberg’s failures must be your lessons

When Mark Zuckerberg’s annual challenge was learning Mandarin, it was still fun and games. Now that his 2018 goal is simply “fixing Facebook,” not so much. It’s fair to say 2018 has been a horrible year for the social network. With its infiltration by Russian operatives, the Cambridge Analytica scandal, […]

Here’s why you should be kind at work

This time last year, I visited a bustling cafe in downtown Salt Lake City. I had never been there before, so I decided to go all out — breakfast and a cinnamon roll— Carb City. After finishing my meal, I went to pay my bill, but there was a problem: I couldn’t […]