What is an Epic?

An Epic is a user story that is too big to complete over a single Sprint, and requires multiple Sprints for completion. Epics are generally broken down into user stories so they can be incorporated into Sprint Planning, Sprints, Retrospectives, etc. Want to learn more about Agile? Read this EBOOK, […]

Mega projects are normally 3-5 years years long, so how can you follow scrum approach in those projects as here sprint is of 4-6 weeks long only???

Projects that last 3-5 years shouldn’t follow and Agile/Scrum approach, the nature of those projects aligns itself better with the Waterfall methodology. However some teams might take a Hybrid approach in which they run most phases of the project Waterfall and some Agile/Scrum. For instance, they might run the 3 […]